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Animal Healing

Animal Healing

QUANTUM HEALING for Animals, Pets and Humans.

I am George O'Reilly and have been involved in alternative healing since 1995.

I recently discovered Quantum Healing, using the Scio Biofeedback device. The effects and results of the biofeedback balancing has totally convinced me that it is a most effective tool for health and wellness, and is literally light years ahead of time. Through the use of the Scio, I offering Balancing Therapy in the form of either individual or group sessions.
No matter what illnesses or problems your animals or pets are experiencing, be it mental, physical or emotional, all can be balanced through Quantum Energy, using the Scio. By using the Scio, your pet does not even need to leave the comfort of your home.  With Quantum Energy, the Scio is used to do sub-space balancing. In much the same way that cell phones work, so the Scio will send Quantum Energy to your animal/pet.

George O'Reilly
Cell: 082 924 9899


As we all know, a multi-cat household is fraught with politics.  Temper tantrums, fighting, jealousy, bringing a new cat into the fold, etc. etc.  Well, I have now experienced the whole gamut and I must say, the wind was taken out of my sails!  My household was upside down and my peace of mind destroyed! Thank goodness for Quantum Healing and the Scio; my animals are now well on the road to recovery and my sanity restored.

Debbie de Jongh, Johannesburg

My cat Nym, was finally diagnosed with bronchial asthma after several visits to different vets, whose only treatment was always a "cure-all" antibiotic. However, the future was not bright even once we knew why Nym was coughing so much. We, being Nym and I, faced a somewhat dismal future with the knowledge that an asthma pump would need to be close at hand, all the time, in case of an attack. Two asthma pumps in fact, one for immediate relief and one for long term, both containing varying amounts of the dreaded cortisone. I was also advised to keep Nym locked up inside during cold weather and seasonal changes. Now as any cat owner knows, locking a cat up is not a good idea and for Nym it was sheer torture being a feral cat.

A friend of my mom suggested I give George O'Reilly, a Scio therapist, a call. I already knew about Scio as I had been for a few treatments myself and had seen the vast improvements in a matter of days. George was a godsend! What an amazing, caring individual who gives of himself freely. After only 2 treatments I started seeing an improvement in Nym, he was no longer lethargic or out of breath, his hair stopped falling out, the attacks became less frequent and his appetite returned. All in all, he was returning to the care-free, loving soul I knew him to be. Nym still has attacks every now and then, but they are mostly caused by major stresses in his life. All it takes is one phone call to George and Nym is sorted. I would highly recommend, and often do, to anyone who loves their animals as much as I do. There simply is no alternative therapy that I have found which works as effectively as the Scio has. Nym and I can now look forward to a healthy happy life together, free of asthma pumps, thanks to George and the Scio treatment.

Kati Sillo, Johannesburg

I have a four year old Rottweiler, Nala, that has been  treated on the SCIO.  Nala was frightened of people especially my domestic worker.  When my worker came in to work Nala would snarl and bark and I was very concerned that she would one day actually attack my worker.  She was scared of the broom and plastic bags. At dog training nobody could even pat her or try and take her from me; she would try and pull away to get back to me.  So I could never participate when we had to swop handlers.  I then learned about the SCIO and immediately made an appointment for Nala to be assessed.  The SCIO picked up that she had been abused as a puppie and I remembered that when I went to see her as a puppy, the domestic worker was looking after all the puppies.  She had obviously been hit with the broom; it started making sense to me.  She has been treated for Fear, Anxiety and Aggression.  She is a now changed dog.  Everybody that knew Nala before cannot believe that she is the same dog.  She know pushes her head into people's hands so that they can pat her and she has become such a lovable dog.  She allows you to hug her now without growling if you don't squeeze too hard.  She does still bark at my domestic worker but not like she used to.  We saw a difference in Nala within 72 hours of her first treatment session.  She has had a couple more since then and is getting better and better each time.  I personally also have treatment on the SCIO and when I am having subspace treatment Nala will stay by my side throughout the session, as she can feel the energies through me.  I highly recommend the SCIO for any person or animal.

Sara Abrahams, Johannesburg

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