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A little about myself and my wonderful companions ......

I live in Randburg, Johannesburg, South Africa.  

My love of cats developed in 2007. After a personal tragedy I lived with my son and daughter, and their brood of cats.  Their LaPerm, Jellico Jazz, a beautiful LaPerm boy, made me fall in love with this incredible breed.  He was so loving and determined to bring me back into this world that I decided I wanted a baby just like him.  Enter Silkenclaw BC Pawsum Nesquik, a beautiful, loving Chocolate Silver Tabby Bicolour LaPerm male.  He was my saving grace and is the love of my life!  

As all cat lovers know, one cat is never enough, thus in 2008 followed Silkenclaw BC Ryder of the Storm, a Chocolate Silver Tortie Tabby LaPerm female, and at a later stage, Silverleaf Whistle and Flute, a Chocolate Calico domestic, and Silverleaf Silkenclaw Zoom Zoom Zoom, a black calico Munchkin.  My cats became my world!

The bug bit .....  I decided to take the next step and become a breeder.....

After much research I decided to breed LaPerms and use Whistle and Flute, the domestic, in a breeding programme with Silkenclaw Ekimeus BC Embe Kichwa Moto, a red classic tabby, to obtain the loving and gentle, yet mischievous clowns I fell in love with.  As the lines in South Africa are very limited and not to in-breed, I opted for an outcrossing to a domestic cat, the only allowable outcross for LaPerms in South Africa.

Whilst researching I also discovered the incredible American Curl and once again fell in love.  Grant Leih of Silkenclaw Cattery and I then obtained Primecurl Indian Chief, a gorgeous Red Silver Classic Tabby American Curl stud from Galina Pshenichkina of Primecurl in Russia.  Indy is a magnificent boy and has produced beautiful babies for both Silverleaf and Silkenclaw catteries.  To commence with the breeding programme, I obtained an American Curl Black Tortoiseshell female, Silkenclaw Easter Bunny Eater, known as Honey Bun (descendant from the Samoa Gems line) from Grant.

In 2011, whilst looking for a Munchkin queen, Grant generously let me have one of his delightful little Munchkin babies, Silkenclkaw Quince Jelly, a beautiful Black Calico female. Needless to say, she is an absolute delight!

2012 was an amazing year for Silverfleaf. I set about looking for a new LaPerm stud and after much searching and lots of discussions with breeders in the USA, Doreen McCann of RedDazzle, USA, sent me a beautiful adult LaPerm, by the name of RedDazzle Rusty Cloud, a red bicolour. What a loving, gentle boy! The most wonderful temperament one could ask for. I also received from Dr Johan and Thea Lamprecht of LesBeauxChats, a beautiful adult LaPerm queen, LesBeauxChats Blu Sky. My LaPerm breeding propgramme is now taking off beautifully!  

In addition to this, I decided to raise a gorgeous little white domestic male kitten that we rescued from an open veld area. Enter Silverfleaf Eregon, a perfect match for Quince Jelly, my new Munchkin queen!  

2012 was a productive year for Silverleaf, with two litters of kittens born in August. 2013 is going to be even!

My grateful thanks to Grant Leih of Silkenclaw, who is both mentor and friend, for all his assistance (and patience!) and for my precious fur babies.   May our friendship and professional association continue for many, many years.  

Grant and I extend our grateful thanks to Galine Pshenichkina of Primecurl for our beautiful boy Primecurl Indian Chief.

I would also like to thank Doreen McCann of RedDazzle for entrusting Rusty Cloud into my care and Dr Johan and Thea Lamprecht of LeBeauxChats for their wonderful and much appreciated contribution to my breeding programme.

Silverleaf only feeds Hills

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